Our services

Mechanical Inspections

British weather and British roads can take their toll on any car. That's why we provide a simple inspection service for your car to ensure that it is running correctly, and consumables (such as oil, brake pads, tyres, coolant etc) are still at their optimal (and legal) levels. Our feedback is open and transparent and we'll be happy to show you around your car to point out areas that we feel need attention. We can also take care of MOT's.

Routine Servicing

Regular servicing, at intervals recommended by the manufacturer, is a critical element to trouble-free motoring. One of the major causes of being dumped by the side of the road is a lack of routine maintenance. Cars consume things like fluids and filters and these must be replaced. Tomorrow's Classics has a fully equipped workshop and a team of highly experienced, friendly mechanics who can take care of your car's routine servicing needs - vintage, classic or modern.

Accident Repair

We will undertake insurance work for accident repair, as well as making good the odd dink or scratch. Our extensive experience working with Lotus' means that we are experts in handling, layering, bonding, priming and painting fibreglass, which is not a common repair shop skill. We are also skilled in the manipulation of aluminium and steel. Working directly with the insurer, we can take the hassle out of accident repair. And, if we can't source the replacement part, we'll fabricate it.

Bodywork Respray

Preparing a car for painting is a skill in itself and we take particular pride in the time we take to mask, flatten, prime and prepare bodywork prior to painting. Mixing the paint to the exact specification and applying it with state of the art guns, in a dedicated painting booth, using a technique learned over many years are the key aspects of a respray that will give you confidence that we are one of the best bodywork painters in the business.


Whether you own a vintage Aston or a classic E Type we can work with you to give your pride and joy a new lease of life.  From a full strip, powder coating, cadmium plating, engine rebuild, bodywork repair and interior retrim, to a light freshen up of the interior, a thorough service and touch up; we will help you to enjoy your car for many years to come. Restoring an automotive icon to stock is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work, so much so, we often struggle to let them go!


Modifying a classic is not for everyone. Restoring a car to stock, or factory spec, meets the needs of most. But not all. And if you want to drive your classic regularly then modifying it to handle the rigours of life on tomorrow's roads makes sense. So whether it's 'under the bonnet' upgrades to brakes and cooling, or a full-on CarPlay/Android Auto unit, air conditioning, fuel injection, adjustable suspension and larger replica wheels (to fit modern tyres), our team of creative engineers can find the right solutions to suit you.

Lotus Specialists

In part, because of our longstanding and close partnership with Bell and Colvill, we have become particularly knowledgeable regarding classic Lotus. From our skill working with fibreglass, to 'body off' restorations and the Twink and 907 engines, there isn't much that we don't know about these engineering icons. Giugiaro Esprits, particularly. Our experience ranges from deleting an aftermarket sunroof, to lifting off the body, stripping the backbone chassis and rebuilding the original engine.

Aston Martin Specialists

A world away from fibreglass and backbone chassis's are Astons, from vintage all the way up to modern supercar thoroughbreds. Again, we have restored vintage cars from the 50's, and serviced and conducted accident repairs on their modern day successors. And everything in-between, including a particularly stunning gold 70's DBS. In fact, if Bond drove it, we have probably serviced it (not literally Bond's actual car - Q would do his nut!).

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