Gallery of recent projects

With the kind permission of our clients, here are some example projects that we have undertaken recently, which help to demonstrate what makes us at Tomorrow's Classics unique in the marketplace. What we cannot show here is our friendly, inclusive and transparent approach, but hopefully that shines through in our work.

Lotus Esprit S2

This was originally a Bell and Colvill car that our client bought from them while we were conducting a light restoration. However, the client had bigger plans in mind. Wanting to be able to drive it daily, the brief was for us to produce a car with GT characteristics, focusing on reliability, safety and usability. This was to be a full-throated restomod, which are growing in popularity as connoisseur drivers increasingly turn to classics to give them driving pleasure that more modern cars have had dialled out, but without wishing to sacrifice practicality and reliability.

This was the car as it was when we received it from Bell and Colvill for some light restoration work. Records indicated that the car had been off the road for over 5 years. And, judging by the gear linkages and the engine, it wouldn't have lasted long before it needed a deep overhaul. Luckily, the new owner didn't wait to find out.

The first job was to take the body off (uniquely, the Esprit allows this due to its racing 'backbone' chassis configuration). This is really the only way to ensure that non-galvanised chassis with 40 years of road use can be properly restored so that it can weather another 40 years.

Once treated, reinforced and powder coated, the chassis was built back up with uprated, adjustable suspension, brakes and cooling pipework (that runs through the chassis - not something that can be accessed easily without lifting off the body). Note the difference in contact between the original and new front tyres. Also, all bolts and fastenings have been cadmium plated for longevity and bushes replaced with modern nylon.

While the chassis was undergoing a full restoration, the engine went away to be rebuilt and modernised with fuel injection. Capacity was increased to 2.2L and all the internals that could be replaced with more modern high compression parts, were. Also, a bespoke exhaust was made, the front brakes were uprated and the gearbox was likewise improved where practical. And, the engine was built to take an air con compressor.

With the body back on, the electrical and interior retrim work could be carried out. As well as central locking, alarm and immobiliser, the binnacle was replaced with Smiths Telemetrix dials and a double din Apple CarPlay unit was added to the centre console. Alcantara replaced the faded marcasite, and note the non-standard vents by the door (a new HVAC unit was added) and the central ashtray (for added bling).

In total, the project took a little over 2 years to complete and the full extent of the restoration, modification and modernisation is too extensive to show here. But, note the side indicators, the DRLs and the 17" Wolfrace replica wheels (to allow for modern tyres to be fitted). What cannot be seen are the LED headlamps and LED conversions elsewhere and the high rear brake light. This car is now able to be driven daily and is likely to be, if not the most original, then certainly the most practical 70's Esprit on the road anywhere in the world.

Absolute Lotus Magazine

The Autumn '21 edition (Issue 21) of the Independent Lotus magazine, 'Absolute Lotus' featured this Esprit with an 8 page review of the work done to restore and then modernise the car. Ian Stent spent a day with the owner (plus another stock Esprit S2, in gold!) to understand the work involved and to see the benefits. 

To read the article, click on the link below which will take you to the Absolute Lotus website. 

It's a great read and a fully Independent assessment of the work done.

(Our thanks to Ian Stent and the team at Absolute Lotus for allowing us to feature these images).

Aston Martin DB2/4

This car was bought at auction as a non runner by our client, who then brought it to us to begin a full strip down, and nut and bolt restoration, incorporating sympathetic upgrades that would allow such a timeless classic to be used and enjoyed on modern roads. It was apparent from the outset that this would be a highly complex, yet hugely rewarding, build, requiring a significant amount of bespoke fabrication. The engine did run so only required a mild rebuild on the top end, and the gearbox and running gear were in pretty good condition for a car of its age and condition. This beautiful Aston Martin was an ideal candidate for refurbishment and we were so pleased to be given the chance to work on it.

When the car first came into the workshop it was still in its original crimson red. And after a day of fettling we managed to get it running for the first time in 30 years! We were then able to assess the size of the project and plan accordingly.

The body shell was stripped back to bare, and because Aston Martin parts for a DB2 are no longer available, we had to fabricate a large number of parts in-house. The body was acid etched and high build primed, twice, then flatted and painted to the client's own specification of Aston Martin Seagreen Metallic.

The main frame of the car was then finished in body colour ready to be mated back up with the chassis and the remaining panels. The period stainless steel spoked wheels were reproduced new and shorn with Pirelli tyres.

Mechanically, the car was not in too bad condition, despite its age and lack of use, so after stripping down the straight-six engine and rebuilding it, servicing it and running it up, we upgraded the radiator to aluminium, added electric fans and an electronic ignition system; all to make the car more reliable and usable, day-to-day. Work was also ongoing to refit original components where possible and new fabricate new parts where it was not.

The gorgeous '50's interior was completely re-trimmed in napa leather along with new carpets and headlining, and the dash was fitted with a bespoke, deep walnut dash. The front and rear windscreens were upgraded with entirely one-off heated screens (with internal heating elements), and central locking and an insurance approved alarm system were fitted. Also, at the client's request, a magnetically fitted (and fully removable) high rear brake light was designed and installed.

And finally, after 4 years of meticulous and painstaking work to bring this icon of 1950's motoring back onto the road, the project was finished. The time, effort and dedication involved to undertake this comprehensive restoration by the team at Tomorrow's Classics pales against the beauty of the finished article. This is really is now a car that can only be fully appreciated 'in the flesh.'

Other Projects

Below are a small selection of some of the many other projects that we have recently undertaken, representing some of the most beautiful and exclusive vintage and classic cars still on the roads today.

And will still be tomorrow.

Aston Martin V8 DBS Convertible - full restoration

Lotus Esprit S1 - aftermarket sunroof delete and repair

Lotus Eclat Sprint - headlining repair and servicing

Maserati Merak SS - full strip down and rebuild

Lotus Esprit S1 - full 'body-off' strip, paint and restoration

Jaguar XJS Pre HE V12 - full mechanical assessment and rebuild 

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